June 11, 2017

Just to give you an idea....

(Click on the picture to make it bigger.)

This is what it looks like to have an ice rink in the Tacoma Dome. I think this is for an international exhibition game - probably the Goodwill Games in 1990. The ice is a bit bigger than normal for a regular rink in there. Also, the rubber walkways going back around behind the bleachers are missing, so they must've just had them at one end of the rink for both teams.

And I say that, because the regular seating wouldn't have gone all the way to rinkside. For a normal NHL-sized rink, they used to have two rows right on the glass, then a walkway on the concrete, then the regular bleachers. And they'd also have smaller seating sections at both ends of the rink that are right up on the glass as well.

I was sitting in one of those end sections once, and had two different pucks hit off the back of my seat in one game. I saw them coming so I casually leaned to one side, otherwise, they would've both hit me. This was before they put up the protective netting that's in the ends of most rinks now.

Needless to say, the players started shooting much lower the rest of that game.

Anyways, this is what everyone gets to look forward to after Seattle gets awarded an NHL team. Not just the huge empty space, but also the horrible sightlines. Like I've said, it's a lot like watching one of those outdoor games, just inside.

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