January 16, 2011

When goalies come up swinging

Henrik Sticks Up For Himself in 3-2 Loss to the Canadiens

I love the idea of Hank playing feisty! He's one of my two favorite goalies currently playing in the NHL - it's tied between him, Henrik Lundqvist, and Antero Niittymaki. After them, the list falls off rather sharply. I'm going to have to go find me some video of that now.

I do have to question where his defensemen were in all of this, though. Having been a defenseman myself, I know that I'd get a little upset if anyone so much as breathed on my goalie the wrong way. Yes, I'm the fiercely protective sort that way. While it's great that Lundqvist stood up for himself, I'm wondering why his defensemen let so much go that he felt that he had to.

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