January 24, 2011

One Too Many Hits To The Head

Daily Debate: Will Sidney Crosby's absence diminish All-Star Game?
LeBrun: And don't forget the media game Sunday morning at RBC Center. That's always one of the big highlights of the weekend. Just kidding!
If I'd have known - or thought about it, really - that there was a media game months ago, I might've tried to get back into skating shape for that. Damn it. That could've been far too much fun. Oh well. Not as if there are any close rinks around here, anyways.

It's unfortunate that Sidney Crosby won't be in attendance. I was rather looking forward to seeing him in person and in street clothes. He is a very good looking guy, after all. And there's nothing wrong with just looking, right?

But it's definitely better for him to sit this one out. A concussion isn't something you want to mess around with. I've had a couple, so I know how that goes. Thankfully, nothing too bad, but still.

Although, the Pittsburgh Penguins are definitely at fault with this one. They never should've let him back in the game after he collided with David Steckel, let alone let him practice and play against Tampa Bay. Idiots. Thankfully, someone wised up.

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