September 27, 2010

Let's Play Favorites

What We Learned: Should NHL teams have Canadian player quotas?

I think this is wrong for a number of reasons.

One, Canadian hockey fans - with the exception of the Québécois and the Montréal Canadiens - don't really care how many Canadian players are on each team. They only care about where that team is physically located. If they cared about the players on each team, then they wouldn't be so quick to dismiss teams in the sunbelt.

Two, it's favoritism plain and simple. Why not give quotas on how many Americans and/or Europeans a team can have instead? Can't do that since that'd be discrimination - against Canadians. But, it's the same thing.

Three, it's just ridiculous. Football doesn't have restrictions on the number of players from, say, Ohio State, each team can have, right? So why are nationalities okay?

I could go on, but you get the idea. It'll be nice when people stop catering to Canadians when it comes to hockey. They may or may not have invented the sport, but really, why can't they learn to share like good little boys and girls?

September 8, 2010

Crosby goes yard - at a MLB park, no less

It's not that surprising that Crosby hit it out. Hockey players probably have better arm control/hand-eye coordination than most baseball players do. (You try deflecting a puck that's been shot by another guy going 70 mph past a moving goalie when someone else is trying to hit you - oh yeah, on ice skates - and then get back to me.) He could be a two-sport guy if he wanted to. But then most elite athletes could. That's why they're elite athletes in the first place.

So watch it and weep, haters.