August 31, 2010

Future Hockey Hall Of Famers

Ten Players and Their Hall of Fame Worthiness

Okay, I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of Adrian Dater. After seeing his Twitter escapades, it's really proved to me that he's an egotistical and unmitigated homer. So his list is a say the least.

I do agree with much of this list, however.

If Peter Forsberg isn't a first-ballot Hockey Hall of Famer, then I don't know who is. The guy was flat-out amazing. And, as always with the disclaimer: "When he was healthy." It wasn't just that he could set guys up and score (though he never considered himself to be a scorer, despite having a fantastic shot), but he was great defensively and was one of the best hitters when he played.

Pavel Bure on the other hand.... Yeah, I don't know. He was an outstanding offensive talent - definitely one of those "brings people to their feet" sorts of goal scorers. But outside of that, he didn't really accomplish much. As with Forsberg, he battled injuries as well, but he was rather one-dimensional. I guess he did win a number of NHL awards, but I watched him play for many years and he just never struck me as a HHoFer - and still doesn't.

In fact, I would put Alexander Mogilny ahead of Bure. Mogilny, at least, was the first Soviet hockey player to defect in 1989 to the US so that he could play in the NHL. He should be recognized for that, at the very least. Without him, Sergei Fedorov probably wouldn't have followed in 1990.

How quickly people forget about such things, however.

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