July 21, 2010

The Montréal Canadiens And The QMJHL

Crisis in the "Q": A study of Quebec-born NHL players
I thought the time was right to sit back and study the general health of the system that produces Quebec-born hockey players and that required a long, hard look at the QMJHL. To do that properly meant looking at the numbers in context. In order to achieve that, I decided to study not just the “Q” but the other North American leagues, and even the European leagues, to be as thorough as possible in order to better understand what’s happening over time within the NHL’s primary feeder leagues and the QMJHL in particular.
I found this to be interesting. The statistical anaylysis seemed pretty sound. I didn't really go over it in depth, but there weren't any glaring errors that I could see. And the conclusion was about what I'd expected, actually.

But it's hardly surprising that the Francophones are saying that Montréal doesn't have enough Québécois on their team. They've been doing that for decades. That will never stop.

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