July 22, 2010

Guesting instead of hosting

The Program - 18 July 2010

After my show aired, I was asked to join the Program. And, boy, did I join them, too. I talked for almost two hours with them. I come in at about 1 hour, 6 minutes and stay, and stay, and stay. Pretty much I ran the conversation for a lot of it. We got into a heated discussion for the last hour or so, and that was pretty fun.

I didn't give the other girl a room in edge-wise. Which was fine by me since I so wasn't impressed with her. She was name-dropping for all she was worth and she was far too flirty for me to take seriously. Her giggling annoyed me to no end. Seriously, if you're a woman who's going to be writing about hockey, don't act like a giggling school girl who's trying to impress the high school quarter back.

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