July 10, 2010

Continuing Education

Former Michigan hockey defenseman Jack Johnson keeps his word, continues to pursue degree
During the NHL season, Johnson, who is 23, takes classes online, using off-days to study and complete coursework. Technology, including video conferencing and Web tutorials, has made distance learning easier, but balancing school with an NHL career isn't easy.
Good for him. I wish education was more of a priority among pro athletes, but not everyone considers it one. That's just the way it goes.

I chatted briefly with former NHLer Bret Hedican on Twitter a week or two ago, and he's gone back to school. I was congratulating him on his wise choice. He probably doesn't have to, of course - particularly with his wife being Kristi Yamaguchi, I'm sure they're doing pretty okay financially - but he decided that he should.

I found that impressive, actually. Maybe it's an American thing, tho. You don't hear about Canadians going back to college - it's usually a fall-back course of action, like if they're forced to retire very early in their careers. But, you will hear about the occasional American player going back to school when they retire from a long career - and occasionally while they're still playing. Just a different culture and world views, I guess.

If it's a priority, a person will figure out a way to make it work for them. That's the bottom line. And college is obviously a priority to Johnson. So, again I say, good for him.  :o)

Which reminds me. I have a blog idea that I need to get to researching. It's about players with college degrees in the NHL. Where is that media relations contact list again...?

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