July 6, 2010

Connect Community Puck Talk stuff

As if I don't plenty of other places to write, here's yet another one. This makes my fourth hockey blog now, and one personal blog. Maybe I ought to getting to write that book, huh? Of course, I'd have to cut back on where I blog....

So Su Ring and I stuck our heads together - along with some helpful suggestions from John Fontana - and decided that our online radio show had become successful enough to warrant a blog of it's own. As well as a Twitter account, for that matter. We've had a Facebook group page for a while now, however.

While neither of us are comfortable with the word "popular", it appears that certain individuals do listen to our show. Or, at least, download the podcast. Yesterday on Twitter, Sean Leahy from Puck Daddy thanked both Su and myself for the kind words we had about him on our most recent show. Well, one thing led to another and now he's one of our guests on next Sunday's show.

Not that surprising, really. I've met Leahy before, and he's chatted with Su off an on for a while. He's a Pittsburgh Penguins fans just like she is. So it's not completely out of the blue - only somewhat.

So here's the rundown:

Connect Community Puck Talk (CCPT) Hockey Show (Blog Talk Radio)

CCPT Hockey blog

CCPT Hockey Twitter

CCPT Hockey Facebook Group

Where you can find Su:

Daily Su blog

KING 5 (Seattle) Hockey blog

@dailysu (Twitter)

And where you can find me (besides here, obviously):

Raw Charge

From the Rink (post on Thursdays)

@dagmar27 (Twitter)

Hope you drop in on Sunday. If you have any suggestions for the show, feel free to share. Including if you'd like to be on, or if you know someone we'd like to tak to - which is just about anybody!

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