July 23, 2010

19th Century Swedish Bathing Party Care Of Henrik Zetterberg

Old-timey Henrik Zetterberg puts the 'weird' in wedding photos

This. Is. Hysterical! I love theme weddings. They're so much fun. People take some things far too seriously, I think - like weddings. It's supposed to be a celebration, and celebrations are supposed to be fun, not a all somber and serious.

July 22, 2010

Guesting instead of hosting

The Program - 18 July 2010

After my show aired, I was asked to join the Program. And, boy, did I join them, too. I talked for almost two hours with them. I come in at about 1 hour, 6 minutes and stay, and stay, and stay. Pretty much I ran the conversation for a lot of it. We got into a heated discussion for the last hour or so, and that was pretty fun.

I didn't give the other girl a room in edge-wise. Which was fine by me since I so wasn't impressed with her. She was name-dropping for all she was worth and she was far too flirty for me to take seriously. Her giggling annoyed me to no end. Seriously, if you're a woman who's going to be writing about hockey, don't act like a giggling school girl who's trying to impress the high school quarter back.

July 21, 2010

The Montréal Canadiens And The QMJHL

Crisis in the "Q": A study of Quebec-born NHL players
I thought the time was right to sit back and study the general health of the system that produces Quebec-born hockey players and that required a long, hard look at the QMJHL. To do that properly meant looking at the numbers in context. In order to achieve that, I decided to study not just the “Q” but the other North American leagues, and even the European leagues, to be as thorough as possible in order to better understand what’s happening over time within the NHL’s primary feeder leagues and the QMJHL in particular.
I found this to be interesting. The statistical anaylysis seemed pretty sound. I didn't really go over it in depth, but there weren't any glaring errors that I could see. And the conclusion was about what I'd expected, actually.

But it's hardly surprising that the Francophones are saying that Montréal doesn't have enough Québécois on their team. They've been doing that for decades. That will never stop.

July 20, 2010

Where Hockey And Geography Meet

Totally Off-Topic: Most Ironic Neighborhoods in America
I was recently in Portland, OR, and I could not believe the sheer concentration of hipsters. (If you don't know what a hipster is, consider yourself lucky.) I mean, I live in San Francisco, and I lived in the Mission for six years, so there's no lack of mustachioed, inked-up tight-jean and 80s ray-ban wearing hipster dudes riding by me on fixies on their way to the record store. One of my favorite hole-in-the-wall latin american restaurants is under new ownership and now has a ridiculously-expensive tasting menu.
As I said in the comments....

Seriously, I have no idea why Olympia, Washington, was left off of this list. That’s where Sleater-Kinney’s originally from – as it’s the name of a street there. Not to mention that it’s the true origin of Grunge. I guess the state capital part of things keeps getting in the way. (I went to high school 20 miles away.)

So not surprised by Portland. Those Oregonians are in their own little world. They do know their hockey in that town, tho. And that’s what really matters.

Gabe's a hockey stats guy - that's his deal. I believe he's even French Canadian, but I'm not entirely positive. I know that he's Canadian, anyways. We've talked about geography statistics before, so this wasn't totally surprising. But, it is an interesting topic.

July 10, 2010

Continuing Education

Former Michigan hockey defenseman Jack Johnson keeps his word, continues to pursue degree
During the NHL season, Johnson, who is 23, takes classes online, using off-days to study and complete coursework. Technology, including video conferencing and Web tutorials, has made distance learning easier, but balancing school with an NHL career isn't easy.
Good for him. I wish education was more of a priority among pro athletes, but not everyone considers it one. That's just the way it goes.

I chatted briefly with former NHLer Bret Hedican on Twitter a week or two ago, and he's gone back to school. I was congratulating him on his wise choice. He probably doesn't have to, of course - particularly with his wife being Kristi Yamaguchi, I'm sure they're doing pretty okay financially - but he decided that he should.

I found that impressive, actually. Maybe it's an American thing, tho. You don't hear about Canadians going back to college - it's usually a fall-back course of action, like if they're forced to retire very early in their careers. But, you will hear about the occasional American player going back to school when they retire from a long career - and occasionally while they're still playing. Just a different culture and world views, I guess.

If it's a priority, a person will figure out a way to make it work for them. That's the bottom line. And college is obviously a priority to Johnson. So, again I say, good for him.  :o)

Which reminds me. I have a blog idea that I need to get to researching. It's about players with college degrees in the NHL. Where is that media relations contact list again...?

July 6, 2010

Connect Community Puck Talk stuff

As if I don't plenty of other places to write, here's yet another one. This makes my fourth hockey blog now, and one personal blog. Maybe I ought to getting to write that book, huh? Of course, I'd have to cut back on where I blog....

So Su Ring and I stuck our heads together - along with some helpful suggestions from John Fontana - and decided that our online radio show had become successful enough to warrant a blog of it's own. As well as a Twitter account, for that matter. We've had a Facebook group page for a while now, however.

While neither of us are comfortable with the word "popular", it appears that certain individuals do listen to our show. Or, at least, download the podcast. Yesterday on Twitter, Sean Leahy from Puck Daddy thanked both Su and myself for the kind words we had about him on our most recent show. Well, one thing led to another and now he's one of our guests on next Sunday's show.

Not that surprising, really. I've met Leahy before, and he's chatted with Su off an on for a while. He's a Pittsburgh Penguins fans just like she is. So it's not completely out of the blue - only somewhat.

So here's the rundown:

Connect Community Puck Talk (CCPT) Hockey Show (Blog Talk Radio)

CCPT Hockey blog

CCPT Hockey Twitter

CCPT Hockey Facebook Group

Where you can find Su:

Daily Su blog

KING 5 (Seattle) Hockey blog

@dailysu (Twitter)

And where you can find me (besides here, obviously):

Raw Charge

From the Rink (post on Thursdays)

@dagmar27 (Twitter)

Hope you drop in on Sunday. If you have any suggestions for the show, feel free to share. Including if you'd like to be on, or if you know someone we'd like to tak to - which is just about anybody!