June 7, 2010

This Is What I Do

Sports-Centric Web Sites Expand, and Bias Is Welcome
The popular site is just one of more than 250 unapologetically biased sports sites owned by SB Nation, most of them dedicated to a single team. The sites, written by fans for fans, do not claim to break news or have an inside scoop, but they often serve as a digital water cooler for the like-minded.

This is who I write for. I've talked to Tyler Bleszinski on the phone before - he actually interviewed me for the first posting of his "Better Know a Blogger" series for his own blog on the site, Blog Huddle. I guess talking to me is what inspired that? I don't know.

He's also a part of our SBN hockey group on Google Groups, of which he participates in the discussions often. He's a big New Jersey Devils fan, and he oftens tells us that we're the most fun out of all of the sports groups on SB Nation. Not sure if that's true or not, but it's nice to hear.

One of my co-writers for Raw Charge, John Fontana, talks to Tyler often. In fact, John was asked to be the hub manager for Tampa but turned it down. He decided that it wasn't a good fit for him, and found someone else to take his place.

I'll be attending the launch party for the Washington, DC, hub this evening. It ought to be fun. Mostly, it'll be the blogs and bloggers for the DC-based teams: Capitals (NHL), Wizards (NBA), Nationals (MLB) Redskins (NFL), United (MLS), Georgetown University and the University of Maryland (NCAA). But all of the SB Nation writers located in the DC-area that write for other sites, like me, have been invited.

Looking at that, I'm not sure why the Virginia schools got left off of that hub. I might have to ask about that tonight. Though, I guess only Virginia Tech is the only Virginia-based college or university that has a site on SB Nation right now. But still.

Oh yeah, we've added writers on our site. Mostly women, strangely: Dani Toth, Meredith Qualls, and Tina Robinson. We did add one more male writer, Nolan White. Also interesting, only John and Meredith are in the Tampa area. Two are from Canada: Dani (Vancouver) and Nolan (Toronto); Tina's in South Carolina, and I'm in Virginia. Considering that the majority of Tampa Bay Lightning fans are located in Central Florida, not to mention that any team located in the US South is dumped on by the Canadian hockey media, that's sort of odd in and of itself.

For a sport where something like 80% of the fans are male, we get a lot of women commenting, and now writing, for our site. I guess that could be my fault, but I prefer to blame it on Vinny Lecavalier. It's no secret that he's a good looking man, and there seem to be plenty of female Lecavalier fans to go around. So, therefore, it's all Vinny's fault that Tampa seems to attract female hockey fans.

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