May 3, 2010

It's Finally Happened

Su and I crashed Connect Community Radio a bit late last night, and did our own show on the spur of the moment. So it's completely ad libbed. And it's only an hour long, too. Sorry that it's so Pacific Northwest centric....

Anyways, we've decided - Su and I that is - to start our own show up together. Our friend Juice isn't up for doing a weekly program, and we think that we can do that. We've therefore created our own radio show, and we're kicking it off this coming Sunday at 6 pm Eastern. It's only an hour for starters, and if there's a demand or we feel we're running short on time, we might bump it up to two hours for future shows. We plan on running all through the offseason, too. So feel free to stop in and say hi on the chat room while the show's live, or call in - and you can always download the podcast for later, of course.

So here's the new site for you to bookmark:

Connect Puck Talk

And here's Su's site so that you can get to see what she's about:

Daily Su

Hopefully we'll see you next Sunday.

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