April 23, 2010

Hockey Blog Roll (AKA, Where You Can Also Find Me)

In going thru my blog roll, I had to make some ruthless decisions. Some of the people that I follow just haven't been updating their blogs all that often. So, in the interest of saving time and space, I've had to let a few of them go. Including friend's blogs, sadly. But if you haven't posted anything in the four months, then I've cut you loose - so sorry; nothing personal intended there.

Which is why I wouldn't be upset if people stopped following me. I know that I haven't been writing here much - a lot of that is because I've been writing a lot elsewhere. So, in the interest of helping people out, here's where I've been posting some hockey stuff now and then. I also hope to add more here upon occasion; hopefully more so than I have recently, too.

Raw Charge - my Tampa Lightning blog with John Fontana and Dani Toth. We hope to add another person or two in the next few months. We'll see how that goes. And we'll be covering World Championships when they get going, too.

From the Rink (on Thursdays) - Everyone's all over playoffs right now, so I hope to add some non-playoff content while that's going on. If you have any ideas or

Cycle Like the Sedins (upon their request) - Although, creator James O'Brien has been busy with other projects, I'm more than happy to help out when asked.

Connect Community Radio (also known as Puck Bunny Radio) - Some of my friends are starting this back up again. This Sunday I'll be co-hosting with Su Ring and Joanne Giuliano. Playoffs will be discussed, of course, but so will other hockey-related things like the draft, coaching changes, and more. I think we'll be starting at 8:30 pm Eastern, but I'm not sure as of yet. When I find out, I'll be posting it up everywhere. Feel free to call in - it's a good time.

So I'm still around, you've just got to know where to find me.

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