March 4, 2010

The Problem With Crosby

How The Outside World Views Sidney Crosby
... I'm guessing if you took away the media and the hype, if that never existed and you just had Sidney Crosby as a hockey player, most fans would respect or like him. ...
The actual problem with Sidney Crosby isn't Sidney Crosby himself. It's all the NHL's fault. The marketing department latched on to him and then not only blew marketing him all out of proportion, but then ran it into the ground. This artificial rivalry between him and Ovechkin is taking it one step too far, frankly.

From what I've seen of Crosby, now that he's loosened up a bit in front of the cameras, he's a pretty likable guy. And he's obviously a very good hockey player - tho the longer he plays, and the more I watch him, the more he reminds me of Peter Forsberg in his prime. So it's really a shame that he's so reviled in some quarters.

This is how bad the marketing thing has gotten:
Reader "LW3H" and his discovery that "Crosby's apparently spontaneous celebration was revealed to be yet another cold, cynical marketing opportunity" by taking on the form of the Vancouver Winter Olympic logo.
"LW3H" is actually a friend of mine, but you get the picture. It's become so absurd that it's a joke in its own right. But then, I'm not sure why I'm so surprised. The NHL sucks at marketing.

I do have to admit, tho, that I'm glad that it was someone like Crosby who got the game winning goal during the Olympic men's ice hockey gold medal game. I'd rather it was a skill guy who won it, instead of like a stay at home defensemen. That silver medal that the US won goes down a lot easier when you know that the defense and/or goaltender may or may not have been able to stop him.

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