March 11, 2010

People Are Never Home When You Need Them....

So this is frustrating. Over at my Tampa Bay Lightning blog, Raw Charge, my co-blogger John has been busy trying to track down an interview with a player on their farm team, the Norfolk Admirals. So we've been going back and forth with their media relations guy, who's really come off as something of a flake. Yesterday, we'd had it all lined up when someone dropped the ball.

I was supposed to interview goaltender Dustin Tokarski by phone last night, and it never happened. The Norfolk media relations guy had emailed both John and I in the morning asking for a phone number, and that was the last we'd heard from him. He suddenly emailed us on Tuesday out-of-the-blue saying that he was available then and yesterday afternoon. So who knows how this is going to play out now.

I'm hoping that Tokarski doesn't get my Skype phone number and calls it in the middle of the day when I'm not home. What a bad impression that would be! I'm just hoping that if that does happen to call when I'm out, and he does leave a message with a phone number (fat chance, right?), that he's the accommodating sort and would be willing to reschedule. It'd be easier if I could record the conversation on my cell phone, but I can't.

There is the possibility that the fault lies on Tokarski. That wouldn't surprise me. But I'll give the guy the benefit of the doubt and blame the team for the lack of follow-thru until proven otherwise.

To be honest, tho, the problem is likely that this guy just doesn't take us seriously. That would definitely explain the lack of response at times. I can't imagine that Norfolk would be in a situation where their media relations guy was overworked, tho I suppose it's possible. But it does make me wonder if we'd be treated better if we were traditional media.


Just talked to the media relations guy, and it's a go for this evening. Apparently, they had seven transactions yesterday, and that's where the ball was dropped. So, I should be interviewing Mr. Tokarski later today after all.

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