March 18, 2010

The Incomparable Adam Deadmarsh

I'm very surprised that they didn't interview Peter Forsberg for this piece. I mean, I know that Forsberg's back in Sweden and all, but they were very good friends. And I'm sure they still are. That's too bad, really.

You know, I always liked Adam Deadmarsh. I started watching him play junior hockey when he was 17 years old with the Portland Winterhawks. I was genuinely upset when his career was cut short - he was one of my favorite players. But I'm very happy that he's back in hockey again.

My fondest memory of Deadmarsh was seeing him play in Seattle in October 1994, only to turn around and see him play next in New Jersey with the Qu├ębec Nordiques in February (I think) 1995. Good times. New Jersey won their first Stanley Cup that year, too; 1995. My sister had wanted to go see Forsberg play because of the 1994 Olympics and Corey Hirsch, and I'd wanted to go see Deadmarsh play because I'd just seen him in Seattle a few months before, which is why we ended up at that game.

(My sister Jill and I were both nannying in the New York City area, and were watching games in New Jersey at the Meadowlands because the New York Rangers had won the Stanley Cup the year before in 1994. Getting tickets to Madison Square Garden is bad enough, but for a team who just won a championship? Pretty much impossible - so we didn't even try. And I still have not seen a hockey game at MSG to this day. I need to work on that.)

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