February 16, 2010

Right Or Left?

It’s Not Political, but More Canadians Are Lefties
A 2006 study found that 60 percent of all National Hockey League forwards were left-handed, as were 70 percent of all N.H.L. defensemen, but those statistics were not sorted by nationality.
I thought that that was an interesting and curious statistic.

I helped put together my own hockey team because there wasn't a woman's program anywhere near where I lived, so most of the girls were first-time players. My first hockey coach was from Edmonton, and he approached the stick thing very logically. He said to grab a broom and start sweeping. And whatever way you swept is the way you should shoot. And in doing that, most of the girls ended up being right-handed shots.

As for myself, I shoot left. But I'm ambidextrous by nature, so I do many things better left-handed than I do right-handed - despite being right-handed when it comes to hand writing. Which is my excuse for shooting left instead of right.

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