January 29, 2010

Team USA's 1998 Gold Medal Team

Impact of 1998 [US] women's team can still be felt today

Unlike with the men's hockey, where you can at least dream that you could play professionally, the Olympics are about as big as you can get if you're a woman playing hockey. So I was very interested in the first Olympic games where women's hockey was a gold medal event. I watched the gold medal game with more interest than the men's game.

When the US won, seeing the joy on their faces was almost as good as watching kids open Christmas presents. When the men win a medal, they're pretty stoic about it - doesn't really matter what team you're talking about since they all act about the same in the end. The women, tho, they lived that moment to the fullest. They were singing the anthem enthusiastically and at the top of their lungs. The shear happiness they had brought tears to your eyes.

And now, they're in the US Hockey Hall of Fame - where they should be. Even if the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada, refuses to acknowledge women's hockey, the US honors its own. You can say a lot of things about US hockey, but sexual discrimination isn't one of them.

God, I wish I could still play.

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