January 27, 2010

Sounds Like Sour Grapes To Me

Ten Things I Hate About ... the Tampa Bay Lightning - Game Preview and Open Thread

These guys are pretty shameless and vulgar, but I can respect that. And the fact that they're Montreal fans, I guess I can respect that, too. The swearing and the flagrant sexism, well, that I'm just jealous of. It upsets my sense of propriety too much to be able to let myself go like that. However, the lack of respect is just awful. I can't abide by that. For very long, anyways.

I will be seeing Tampa Bay play in DC against the Caps on Sunday afternoon. Hopefully, anyways. There's a snow storm coming in Friday night that might stop me, tho. Which would make me very cranky. We'll see how that goes, tho.

Raw Charge has a live game thread going on tonight as well, so feel free to drop in and say hi.

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