January 12, 2010

So Close, And Yet, So Far

I contacted the Washington Capitals last Friday about press credentials to a Tampa Bay Lightning game January 31st in DC, and got a response back today. The Caps, while a front-runner in the NHL for allowing new media access to their team, defer to the other team in this case because I write about the Lightning. Now the Lightning are willing to grant my co-blogger John and I access, but only at home games and only a game-by-game basis. It's a trial period, I suppose, due to the fact that they're still trying to wrap their heads around this whole bloggers-as-media idea.

Now, I don't begrudge the Lightning wanting to start out with things at home. In fact, it makes sense for them to do it that way. However, the situation makes it awkward for John and I to follow thru with their offer.

John lives in the Tampa area but has issues with his hearing - and therefore his speech as well - and isn't likely to take the Lightning up on their offer. He's rather self-conscious about it, and understandably so. Unfortunately, he's going to feel guilty about that since him not following thru hobbles my chances to do anything here in northern Virginia - and it's not his fault at all.

Now, I could fly down the Tampa and do it myself...except that I don't have the money to to do that. And  right now because of work, I have limited time due to projects that I'm working on. So, no press credentials for me. Which is about what I'd expected, actually, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

It won't stop me from going to the game at the end of the month, tho.

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