January 15, 2010

Puck Bunny Controversy

The Plight of the Female Fan: Fighting Stereotypes and Earning Respect
[The Argument]

Rabbit Stew
[The Rebuttle]

Both of these women present very valid arguments. I've seen this behavior (male and female) for myself, and I know exactly what each of them are talking about. So read them over and decide for yourself.

As for myself, no one has ever mistaken me for a puck bunny. Which is a very good thing because I'm about as far away from that as a girl can get. Hockey players are nice guys and all, but status and money really don't mean very much to me. I look for character, intelligence, and a sense of humor - not for exotic sports cars and expensive suits.

They'd have to be a pretty exceptional human being for me to consider dating one, considering all of the crap that they have to deal with in their lives.  They'd have to actively pursue me to do it, too, since I'm not going out of my way for any of them - which isn't very likely to happen. As for sleeping with one, I'm so not into casual relationships like that with anyone, thanks.

And I am genuinely offended when guys use that term, even jokingly. It's one of the few things that'll really get me going. Probably because I used to play hockey myself. It's like asking an ex-jock if they used to be a cheerleader. It's just not done.

But, you know, if a girl wants to throw herself at an athlete, she can knock herself out. That has nothing to do with me. Most men are smart enough to know the difference between a girl you take home, and a girl you take home to mom.

A certain type of guy will always think women who genuinely like sports are really interested in the players and not the sport. Because that's how guys would be if the tables were turned. It doesn't really have much to do with the girls who throw themselves at athletes. Most men don't watch women's beach volleyball to admire the athleticism and ability of the players, after all.

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