January 2, 2010

Does This Guy Even Believe In Fire?

Too much American influence
Another indication of the Americanization of hockey comes in the proliferation of statistics. Americans are very big on stats. Tune in to any baseball, football, basketball, or hockey game these days and you'll hear averages, percentages, and "tendencies" until your ears swell.
Talk about nit-picky....

And here I thought that people who didn't want hockey in cities with warm climates were bad. Geez. This guy needs to get a grip. Seriously, nothing ever stays the same - the only constant in life is change. And no, not all change is necessarily good, but you can't ever go back once something's happened. The past is over; you can only work with the present. Deal with it

Isn't it convenient that his scapegoat for all of this horrible, awful change are Americans? I'm a bit surprised that he didn't blame Europeans as well - just because he could. It does make me wonder how many of the changes he's railing against were initiated by Canadians, tho.

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