December 20, 2009

To Buy A Jersey - Yea Or Nay?

It occurred to me that I should get a Tampa Bay Lightning jersey. Not for any great love of the team, necessarily, but I have been blogging about them for the past two and a half seasons. It'd be more in way of a memento than an actual fan kind of thing. I'd probably never wear it to a game - probably - that's just not usually my thing. Tho you never know when the mood might strike me.

My first thought is a game worn jersey - but those can be pretty pricey. I like game worn jerseys because, well, if you're going to get a jersey with a player's name and number on the back, you might as well get the one that's actually been on their back. Go for the real thing instead of a copy, you know?

The problem with that is narrowing it down to a specific jersey. I like the blue third jersey - it's a very nice color - except I really hate the word "Bolts" diagonally across the front. If it weren't for that, I'd get that jersey in a heartbeat. I've always thought that they should've gone with a 1930s-esque "retro" lightning bolt look for the crest of their third jerseys.

Anyways, I think that the current black home uniforms sort of look like pajamas. I don't know why, but I always have. So I guess I'd end up getting their away white jerseys sort of by default. Which isn't a bad thing since I only see them live on the road these days. Besides, I don't look that great in black.

As for players, Vinny Lecavalier would definitely be my preference, but there's no way I can drop a couple thousand dollars on a game worn jersey of his - regardless of the team. Victor Hedman would be my second choice, but he hasn't been around for very long so there's probably nothing out there of his just yet. After that, I'm not sure who I'd choose. There are a few other players that I like, but no one that I'm really all that interested in wearing their name and number for. I'd seriously think about a Mattias Ohlund jersey, but he hasn't been with the team for very long.

So then you go for the next best thing - the authentic jersey. Which is $300 - still a nice chunk of change for a shirt that I'd probably only wear a few times a year. Besides, the retail Lecavalier jerseys don't have the captain's "C" on them. What'd be the point?

There's the thought of customizing it by putting my own last name and number (which would be #27, for those playing along at home) on the back. That could be fun. Especially considering that there aren't any #27s on the team currently. It'd almost be like I was one of the players on the team. Or something.

What I'm really leaning towards, tho, is a practice jersey. My Raw Charge co-blogger, John, asked me if I'd customize it, but I don't see why anyone would want to. The players themselves don't wear customized practice jerseys at practice. Mostly, tho, I'd want the practice jersey because I have some good memories of watching practice in Brandon, Florida.

Ideally, I'd like both a game worn jersey (preferably autographed) and a practice jersey. But the game worn thing will probably never happen. Still, a girl can dream, can't she?

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