December 22, 2009

More Men In Suits

Leafs In Suits! Vs Sabres
Ok, here's the thing you need to understand about Mike Komisarek; Do you see the little smirk on his face? He's smirking because seconds before this picture was taken, he said "I feel like it's a fashion show every time you guys are here." Seriously. THAT'S WHAT HE ACTUALLY SAID. Mike Komisarek GETS it. That's why I love him. In the last L.I.S. post, Komisarek actually said "I'm glad I have so many different suits for this." Please never leave, Mike. Seriously.
Now THIS is what I'm talking about. Why can't we see a little more of this around the hockey blogosphere, huh? NHLers + suits = WIN. Seriously, I want to do this, too. Why won't anyone let me do this?!

Oh yeah. That's right. I'm a serious writer. I know things and stuff. Hmmm. I might have to re-evaluate that whole persona. It's a bit...restricting.

Wait - I bet the Caps would let me. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, now that I'm thinking about who plays there. Although, I'd like to see the visiting team, too. Seeing the visiting team would be essential, in some cases. Someone needs to make this work for me.

...Somewhat disturbingly, I have to admit that seeing a guy in a suit who has a shiner is something of a turn on. I didn't realize that until I saw Colton Orr's picture, and I don't find Colton Orr all that attractive. Huh. Go figure....

Actually, while looking is nice, I'm not sure sure I want to be going out of my way to do any talking - hence being unsure about the whole interviewing thing. They're nice enough guys and all, but it's just better that I don't. Trust me. I've gotten into quite enough of that kind of trouble as it is - and it's not at all what you're thinking, either. I don't need any more.

Still - there definitely needs to be more pictures of NHLers in suits. With ties. Ties are essential, unless you're wearing a sweater. It just finishes off a suit nicely is all. Again, if you don't like wearing ties, try wearing high heels sometime. Then get back to me.

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