December 2, 2009

Hockey Players Are Awesome

Puck Daddy chats with Junior Seau of 'Sports Jobs' about being a hockey equipment manager and the NFL vs. NHL
Hockey players have this reputation for being blue-collar guys, low key. Was this your first interaction with players like this, and how did you find them?

I found them as cordial, laidback and tough. All in one. You see a hockey player, you'd never know he's a professional athlete. But you put the skates on him, and he becomes a beast. That was something I recognized from the start. You better watch out if you're ever walking into a bar; never judge a book by its cover.

They definitely have a linebacker mentality. But these guys are crazy. They're nuts. They really enjoy their sport. And because they have so many games, they really can't treat it, as far as intensity or total focus, like we do [in football]. Ten games for them is one game for us.
And this is why we all love hockey players.

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