December 9, 2009

The Entitlement Of Talent

Justin Bourne's Blog: Entitlement vs. reality [The Hockey News]

I've really enjoyed this guy's writing. The problem is, he posts stuff all over: USA Today, The Hockey News, his personal blog. I feel like I'm missing something somewhere.

We've all known people like this. In high school, it was the talented football player who always got the touchdowns and the girls. In college, it was the same kind of guy. And then, when they didn't make it to the big show, they fell off the face of the earth, constantly reliving their glory days. Sort of sad when a person thinks their peak in life was at 17 or 22-years-old, huh?

It's guys like this that annoy me - the Steven Stamkos's, Patrick Kane's, and Dany Heatley's of the hockey world. Most of the time, it wears off - eventually. Or at least they're able to hide it better. Usually it's right around the time they have an awful season or two, or someone bigger than them beats it out of them somehow. Sometimes, tho, it doesn't change - like with Patrick Roy. But then, it's kind of hard to beat the attitude out of a goalie.

Must be nice to live in a bubble where people always cater to you because you are who you are, huh?

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