November 17, 2009

Life, Death, And Hockey

'Will to win' drove Penguins fan's recovery
What nobody was prepared for was when Celesnik awakened from her coma April 23, and her first words were: "Is there a hockey game tonight?"

I'd probably do that, too, if I just came out of a coma. Sad, but true. I can totally identify with that kind of thinking.

While I've never been in a life or death situation like this woman, hockey has gotten me thru some really tough times myself over the years.

Maybe it's just being in a rink, or the fact that I sort of equate fans as part of the team - so you feel like you're with teammates, is where I'm going with that - I don't know. My first instinct is to go watch practice, not necessarily go to games or watching them on tv. I crave that camaraderie that you get when you watch practice, not the competition of a game.

And it's not the distraction value that makes it worthwhile. It just feels like you're home. It does to me, at least.

So thank you for being there, those teams that I've followed. You've really helped me out a time or two, even if you haven't realized it. And I really appreciate that.

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