November 3, 2009

Homosexuals In Hockey

It's time to end the use of gay slurs in hockey
Hey, hockey players: not knowing doesn't change the reality that there are gay
men in the professional ranks today.

Just so you know, the general population statistic is somewhere between 1 in 7 and 1 in 10 people are homosexual. Given that that's the statistical average, the likelihood is that there are between 2-3 gay men on any given hockey team. But, like I said, that's an average - there could be more or less depending on the team. In the entire NHL, that means somewhere between 75 to 110 hockey players are likely gay. And that's just in the NHL.

The more I read from this guy, the more I like. I just wish hockey players - and athletes in general - would be more forthcoming in their opinions while they're playing, tho. I completely understand why they're not, but still.

When I played hockey, the woman's team that I was on - we all knew who the lesbians were. And it was never a problem. Not even in the dressing room. But they didn't try to hide it, either.

Same thing in softball, flag football, and basketball in high school. In softball, it was well-known that a couple of coaches were lesbians. And that wasn't ever a problem, either. Maybe it's because it's women instead of men, but no one ever really cared - and I grew up in the sticks and went to high school 20 miles away from my house in a logging town.

I think that if athletes were honest with themselves, they'd probably have a pretty good idea as to who is and isn't gay. And they'd probably realize that it's not an issue. And, seriously, who cares as long as the guy can play, right?

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