November 28, 2009

The Brashear-McSorley Incident

Puck Daddy has been counting down the top ten of the decade, and this video clip was on their list for The 10 biggest NHL stories of the last decade. Technically, the decade isn't over until 2011, but whatever. Most people don't realize that, anyways.

I was at this game with my sister Jill. We were sitting in the corner where the fights ended up - the entire opposite end of the ice from where Donald Brashear was hit. I didn't see the hit itself, but immediately after it happened, the entire arena went absolutely still - the players, the fans, everyone. It was totally quiet in that way that you knew something awful has just happened, even if you didn't see it. And then Garth Snow came barreling out of his crease to take Marty McSorley and all hell broke loose.

I want to say that they were still doing in-house replays of bad hits at that point. It seems like we got to see the replay after it happened on the big screen. I don't remember being frustrated because I had to wait to find out. Now, if a player goes down injured, the arena won't show the replay of what happened. Which is for the best, really. But if you didn't see what happened - which is usually about half of the arena - it kind of sucks that you won't get to see it until you get home.

I've always liked Garth Snow. He was one of the few goalies who always had as many penalty minutes as games played. That oversized gear he used to wear was a bit over the top, tho. But he was always the first to stand up for himself and his teammates. And, since he was the goalie, he was never off the ice during his penalties so he could acquit himself.

And now Garth's the GM of the Islanders. Funny how things turn out. Good for him, tho.

I think he was one of the few hockey players who had a masters degree. I've always found that interesting. Sort of like George Parros for the Anaheim Ducks. The guy's a total bruiser and he so rocks the 70s porn star look - but he's got an economics degree from Princeton. I find that to be very interesting.

Anywho, we all know how the Brashear-McSorley thing turned out. Brashear ended up being fine, thankfully, but that hit essentially ended McSorley's NHL career. Which wasn't that great a loss since he'd played something like 19 seasons in the NHL before that, and was at the end of his career, anyways. Still, not a good way to go out - or to be remembered for.

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