October 4, 2009

Washington Capitals Turned...NFL Bloggers?

Green and Backstrom Talk Redskins

The Cooley Zone

Now here's something you don't see every day. A couple of NHLers with press credentials via an NFL player's blog with access to an NFL game doing locker room interviews. Good for Chris Cooley and all to swing them some press credentials, but I'd be more impressed if they actually write something up and post it on his blog. Although, how he got the press credentials themselves would be an interesting story all by itself.

What's truly interesting is that they were seriously askingquestions, and not just using it as a free pass to BS with people. So it wouldn't surprise me, actually, if they did write a blog for him. Those crazy Washington Capitals are pretty tech savvy, from what I can tell. Still, I'm not holding my breath.

I wonder what it'd take to get an NHLer or two to write a blog for me...? On Raw Charge, I mean. Anonymously, or not, it wouldn't matter. It'd be nice if people would volunteer, but I don't see that happening - ever. I'll have to think about that. The real problem would be contacting people outright to even just ask. Hmmm.

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