September 25, 2009

Hockey Road Trips And Twitter

The Bolts and Yotes.

Ah...road trips.... I was following this one on Twitter Tuesday. As well as a few others. I couldn't figure out for the longest time why they were driving thru Wenatchee, tho. Sad, but true. (The road over Stevens Pass goes from Wenatchee to Everett.)

Okay, of course I like road trips. I'm biased. I practically grew up in a car. But there's a difference between going for a drive to see what you can see, and going to see a game with friends. A big difference.

When I was like 20, a friend of mine and I went on major junior road trip across the state of Washington. That was fun. We actually followed the bus for a time. We did not stay at the team's hotels, however. And that was completely intentional.

In college - about 7 years ago or so - friends and I would take road trips for football games and men's basketball games. Those were always a lot of fun - especially if we were going to go see football at our rival's field. Of course, the visitor's bleachers were literally right behind the visitor's sidelines. And when I say "right behind", I mean right behind. You had to squeeze past football players to get to the concession stands. Oh, the memories....

On an entirely different note, for those that do the Twitter thing, here's a list of NHL players current on Twitter. It's not a complete list, but it's a start. Don't expect them to write much, because they don't. Enjoy.

NHL Players on Twitter

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