August 28, 2009

Yet another Forsberg comeback

Forsberg among 69 looking for roster spot

Ice time for Forsberg
Wearing No. 7 instead of his usual number 21, the 36-year-old Forsberg played center on the first line. He didn't produce any points, but was on the ice when Modo scored the first goal of the game. Modo eventually won 2-1.
The number change is kind of weird. I wonder what that's all about. If anything. And I was pretty much kidding when I said I was waiting for his next comeback to start.

Peter Forsberg is one of my favorite hockey players, but he really just needs to stop. I can understand wanting to go out on your own terms - I really can - but someone needs to tell him no and mean it. He's been struggling with this foot problem for seven or eight years now, and it just needs to be over.

Tre Kronor isn't helping matters much, either. They've just named him to their 69-man initial Olympic roster. Way to encourage him to try to play in the Olympics again, Team Sweden. That's all he needs - encouragement to try to play.

If he decides to come back to the NHL - which you know he'll try to do - I hope that Colorado picks him up. I'd rather not see him in the Eastern Conference. And I don't want Tampa Bay to even think about picking him up - which I can totally see them trying to do. The whole thing just makes me sad, and I don't want to have to watch Forsberg up close in his "twilight years". I'd rather remember him as he was in his prime, thank you.

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