August 14, 2009

The Tampa Bay Lightning And Social Media

Lightning Let Fans Know They Traded Artyukin Via Twitter

Twitter Tracker Hockey Edition: The best official Twitter accounts

I saw that. I didn't think much of it, to be honest. Not after how they twittered stuff at the draft. They run a Facebook fan page as well. Frankly, I almost think they keep those two things updated better than the actual team website.

Yesterday, the team started following Raw Charge on Twitter, too. They've re-tweeted posts of ours before, tho, so it's not too suprising. They run a Facebook fan page as well.

I believe that Angelina Lawton is the one running the Twitter account for the Lightning. And probably also the Facebook page. Which makes sense since she's the Director of Corporate Communications for the team. (And yes, she's also the wife of GM Brian Lawton.)

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