August 26, 2009

Hockey Season Is Coming

Team Canada no longer has room for Lecavalier and Thornton
"This year we're going to get to know each other better. That's why we're doing this here -- getting to know each other. That's how you get to be a team, how you gel." -Vincent Lecavalier
Seriously, Vinny? Really? It took you this long to finally figure that out? Come here so I can kick you in the shin. Hard. With very pointy shoes. Normally, I'd kick you in the ankle, but since you've got the season to play, I'll make an exception just this once so you won't get seriously injured. Considerate of me, I know.

Sorry if I'm a little bitter about how last season turned out. I don't hate anybody or anything like that, but thinking about it still doesn't make me very happy. So why pretend? We're all friends here. Or something.

[...deep breath....] Okay. Well. Back to the topic at hand....

Hopefully that kind of thinking will at least do the Lightning some good this season. God knows they need it. They need something, anyways. Although, to be honest, I think they'll be pretty decent - and possibly make playoffs, tho that might be a close call.

I believe that the determining factor will be coaching this season, more than anything else. I have nothing against Rick Tocchet personally, but to me, he didn't really get the job done last season. I realize that it was a difficult season in terms of on-ice personnel changes, but usually there's at least a minimal improvement once there's been a coaching change, and last season their record actually got worse. That doesn't really inspire confidence in me.

The current ownership thing just won't even compare to the revolving locker room door of last season. Luckily, most of the team is still intact, so they'll have experienced worse than ownership problems. Just about anything will be better than last season, so it should be easier on the players almost regardless of what happens. So that's something at least.

But I have to wonder - what's up with the five games in five nights in five different cities? I would think they'd split up the training camp attendees into two squads and go about things that way, but that'd probably make far too much sense for them to do. I was seriously considered flying back to Washington State for that game in Everett. I really want to go to that, but I probably won't.

I do plan on going to the game in Norfolk, Virginia, tho. A co-worker of mine, maybe two, will probably go with me to that. It's the Tampa Bay Lightning versus their farm team, the Norfolk Admirals. Norfolk is only about a 2½-hour drive, which is no problem for me. It's convenient for me that they decided to book a game in Norfolk, isn't it? After that, the Lightning won't be back up this way (DC-area) until January, I believe.

I was also considering hitting up Washington Capitals training camp, and maybe a preseason game of theirs as well. And I still might be hitting a couple of Caps games in October when a friend from out-of-town visits. So we'll see how that goes. Not that I'll ever become a Caps fan, but they are the local team, after all.

Am I looking forward to hockey season, do you think?

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