August 24, 2009

Facebook Hockey Survey

It's another one of those random Facebook surveys that I thought I'd post up. This is hockey-centric, of course. Otherwise, it probably wouldn't go up on my blog, right?

1. Who is your favorite NHL team?:
The Tampa Bay Lightning, I guess. I write about them, anyways.

2. Who do you think is the all time greatest hockey player?:
Bobby Orr.

3. Who do you think is the all time greatest goalie?:
Right now, Patrick Roy - at least until Martin Brodeur breaks all of his records.

4. What team do you think is or was the greatest ever?:
The obvious would be Montréal and their 24 Stanley Cups, but I think I'll go with the 1917 Stanley Cup Champions, the Seattle Metropolitans - just because I can - who beat Montréal to win it all, incidentally.

5. How many NHL games have you attended?:
Was I supposed to have kept count? I don't know. 50-60 or so, maybe?

6. Have you ever seen a team win the Stanley Cup live?:

7. If you could see one player return to hockey in his prime, who would it be?:
Peter Forsberg again.

8. How many hockey jerseys do you own?:
Two: an old practice jersey of mine, and a '91-'92 Toronto Maple Leafs game-worn jersey that belonged to Kevin McClelland - for obvious reasons. (Similar last name, in case you missed it.)

9. Ever get hit by a puck?:
Yes. A few times. Last one was Jeff O'Neill when he played for Carolina. Flipped a puck at me at a practice in Vancouver just to be funny. And it wasn't.

10. Gary Bettman: Hate or like? Why?:
Neither. I am ambivalent. To hate or like the man would require more energy then he deserves.

11. What city would you like to see a hockey game in?:
Montréal, Prague, Göteborg, Örnsköldsvik, and all the other arenas that I haven't been to in the NHL.

12. Who do you think are the best NHL fans?:
I think they're all about the same, really.

13. Who do you think are the worst NHL fans?:
See above.

14. Do they even have fans?:
I plead the 5th. Anything I'd say would be too incriminating, speaking as a Tampa Bay blogger.

15. Do you like the newest NHL rule changes since the strike?:
At first, yes. But now that it's been a few years, it's going back to how it was before.

16. Who do you want to win the Stanley Cup this year?:
The underdog - whoever they might be. Washington or Chicago, maybe?

17. Who do you THINK will win the Stanley Cup this year?:
Either Pittsburgh or Detroit. Again.

18. What was the best NHL game experience for you?:
The last game I went to at the Meadowlands during the middle of the '06-'07 season - the season before the Devils moved to Newark - Philadelphia at New Jersey. It'd take far too long to explain, but it was a good time. Except for the drive up from Philly, which is where I flew in to, that is.

19. What was the worst NHL game experience for you?:
The first game I went to in DC, end of the '07-'08 season - Tampa Bay at Washington.

20. Do you prefer upper lever seats or lower level seats at a hockey game?:
I prefer the lower level, about halfway up (15-20-ish rows up from the ice), in the corner or end.

21. Ever been to the Hockey Hall of Fame?:
Nope. And I'm not sure I want to go, either. At least, not until they decide to start inducting women in.

22. Who is the dirtiest player in the NHL?:
Currently? Chris Pronger, by general acclamation.

23. Who is the cleanest player in the NHL?:
Probably Henrik Zetterberg.

24. Don Cherry? The man, or a jerk?:
I vote in favor of "senile" myself.

25. Ever been to an NHL All Star Game?:
Nope - and I would prefer to see the Skills Competition, anyways.

26. How far have you driven to see a hockey game?:
Tallahassee to Nashville - 500 miles-ish.

27. How far have you flown to see a hockey game?:
Tallahassee, FL, to Philadelphia, PA - 950 miles-ish.

28. What was the funniest moment for you at a hockey game?:
There have been far too many. I have to pick out just one? Ummm...'95 partial lockout season, Québec at New Jersey, warmups was a hysterical! (It'd take far too long to explain....)

29. What was the scariest moment for you at a hockey game?:
Seeing Marty McSorley take a baseball swing at Donald Brashear's head in Vancouver. (Yes, I was really at that game.)

30. If you were a penalty, which one would you be?:
Double minor for roughing.

31. Do you think someone from the NHL should be banned from the game? Why?:
Can't say I've thought about it. The flavor of the moment would probably be Heatley, tho.

32. If you could see ANY moment in NHL history live, what would it be?:
Colorado's 2001 Stanley Cup win over New Jersey.

33. Did you used to like a different NHL team? Who was it?:
A few. Vancouver, and then Philadelphia for a time. But then I tend to follow players and not teams.

34. If you could bring back any defunct NHL team, who would it be?:
Maybe the Québec Nordiques? But only if the Avs stay in Colorado.

35. If you could put a NHL team anywhere, USA or Canada, where would you put them?:
Portland, Oregon. The fans are so great there, and they already have an NHL arena (The Rose Garden). They should get a team.

36. Who is or was the greatest NHL coach?:
I don't know about "greatest" - as in "ever" - but I really like Jacques Lemaire and John Tortorella.

37. Which arena, new, old defunct, was or is the best place to see a hockey game?:
I've really enjoyed watching games in Atlanta so far. Their arena is unconventional, and I kind of like that.

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