July 20, 2009

TJ Oshie in Seattle

Interview with TJ Oshie (video)

In Seattle this last weekend, my friend Su interviewed the St. Louis Blues rookie, TJ Oshie. Now, you might wonder why TJ Oshie was in Seattle. You see, he grew up there. Yes, this NHLer is actually from Washington State. It happens sometimes, you know?

Su is the one asking the questions off camera - apparently off the top of her head, no less. She'd never done a face to face interview before, but has done plenty of phone and email interviews. She's rather self-conscious about it, but I think she did a great job, even tho she's not actually a reporter herself.

A great job as usual, of course. She's a diehard Penguins' fan, but I don't hold that against her. Mario Lemieux is one of her favorite all-time players, tho she'd be too tongue-tied to actually talk to him if given an opportunity.

So, here you go. Washington State boy done good in the NHL. Hope we'll see a lot more of the guy.

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