July 1, 2009

Ohlund Now A Lightning

Lightning Sign Free Agent Defenseman Mattias Ohlund

I'm actually pleasantly surprised by this. It was a smart move for Tampa Bay to pick up Ohlund. Well, I think so, anyways. Especially with them having just drafted Victor Hedman.

I've always like Ohlund, tho. I watched him when he played for the Vancouver Canucks. I think he was probably the last NHLer I've talked to, too. Or maybe that was Jason Strudwick? Obviously, neither experience left a big impression upon me. Well.... No, never mind.

Anyways, Ohlund was really the last guy that I cared about on Vancouver once Naslund left. So now I'm officially freed of any obligation to go watch Vancouver play. Unless I move back there, that is.

Now I can't wait for the schedule to come out again.

The Lightning have also signed D Matt Walker, formerly of Chicago, and re-signed Krajicek.

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