July 28, 2009

Another Hockey Player in Seattle

Mariners close July home schedule with 6-game homestand
"On Monday, July 27, Vancouver Canucks defenseman Willie Mitchell will trade his
hockey skates for a chance to throw a strike before the Mariners face Toronto.
The B.C. native has also represented Team Canada in International competition."

Video of Mitchell's Pitch

What is up with Seattle and NHLers this summer? First, it was TJ Oshie. Now, it's Willie Mitchell. Who's next? Scott Gomez?

Well...maybe. Gomez did play junior hockey in BC, but lived and went to high school on the Washington State side of the border for at least a year. But then, Oshie did grow up north of Seattle, and Mitchell's from BC.

Oh, those crazy hockey players. You just never know where one might pop up somewhere randomly. I know I've seen a few in some unexpected places.

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