July 30, 2009

CLS Re-draft - First Round Overview

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The first round of the Cycle like the Sedins Re-Draft has been completed. 30 bloggers have picked players for all 30 NHL teams. The second round is speeding right along, so I expect it to be completed by Saturday at the latest.

As a refresher, here are the known terms of the Re-Draft:

  • 30 bloggers from various blogs around the internet - including a few others here on SB Nation - are team GMs.
  • Picks are in snake order: 1-30 for odd numbered rounds, and 30-1 for even numbered rounds. Last I'd heard that was the case, anyways. There was talk of doing a z-order, but I think that got shot down.
  • There is a $57 million salary cap. No cap floor has been mentioned.
  • Only the actual cap hit matters, not the full player salary.
  • Trades are allowed.
  • Presumably, this will be going 23 rounds. Or, at least, until we get bored or someone tells us to stop.
  • This is an offseason exercise only. This is not a fantasy league draft.
  • The winner will be determined by an NHL 10 simulation.

Pick CSL Team Player NHL Team Position Cap Hit
1 Calgary Ovechkin, Alexander Washington LW $9,538,462
2 Vancouver Crosby, Sidney Pittsburgh C $8,700,000
3 Tampa Bay Lundqvist, Henrik New York Rangers G $6,875,000
4 Dallas Malkin, Evgeni Pittsburgh C $8,700,000
5 Chicago Toews, Jonathan Chicago C $2,800,000
6 New York Islanders Lidstrom, Nicklas Detroit D $7,450,000
7 Philadelphia Datsyuk, Pavel Detroit C $6,700,000
8 Edmonton Parise, Zach New Jersey C $3,125,000
9 Nashville Getzlaf, Ryan Anaheim C $5,325,000
10 Atlanta Lecavalier, Vincent Tampa Bay C $7,727,273
11 St. Louis Luongo, Roberto Vancouver G $6,750,000
12 Phoenix Green, Mike Washington D $5,250,000
13 Pittsburgh Kovalchuk, Ilya Atlanta LW $6,389,300
14 Washington Backstrom, Nicklas Washington C $2,400,000
15 Columbus Chara, Zdeno Boston D $7,500,000
16 Detroit Iginla, Jarome Calgary RW $7,000,000
17 Los Angeles Carter, Jeff Philadelphia C $5,000,000
18 Minnesota Richards, Mike Philadelphia C $5,750,000
19 Carolina Brodeur, Martin New Jersey G $5,200,000
20 New York Rangers Kiprusoff, Miikka Calgary G $5,833,333
21 New Jersey Backstrom, Niklas Minnesota G $6,000,000
22 Toronto Savard, Marc Boston C $5,000,000
23 San Jose Pronger, Chris Philadelphia D $6,250,000
24 Ottawa Nash, Rick Columbus LW $5,400,000
25 Boston Thornton, Joe San Jose C $7,200,000
26 Buffalo Zetterberg, Henrik Detroit LW $6,083,000
27 Florida Booth, David Florida LW $4,250,000
28 Anaheim Staal, Eric Carolina C $8,250,000
29 Montreal Niedermayer, Scott Anaheim D $6,750,000
30 Colorado Gagne, Simon Philadelphia LW $5,250,000

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