June 29, 2009

Team USA Hockey Fun

Team USA's Personality Experiment

Gotta love Mike's little fantasy conversation - too funny!

Never a dull moment with Torts, is it? It ought to be interesting to see how that dynamic develops. Hopefully, it ends up being a good thing. Having a competitive Olympic team might be novel, for a change.

As a side note, I will be on internet radio once more. This time, SB Nation - the people John and I write Raw Charge for - have granted the group of us hockey bloggers a chance to try out our own internet radio show. In theory, it'll be once a month with a rotation of hosts. The idea was suggested by the blogger for the Dallas Stars blog, Defending Big D.

The first shot comes tomorrow night at 7 pm ET, where we'll talk about the draft and about free agency. Since this is a trial run, it'll probably be more like conversation than an actual radio talk show. So who knows how it'll turn out. It shouldn't be too hard to pick me out of that crowd, since I'm sure I'll be the only woman talking.

Defending Big D [Blog Talk Radio]

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