June 28, 2009

My NHL Draft Experience Via Twitter

I'll be the first to tell you that I have no real interest in the draft. It honestly means nothing to me. Now, when these guys step on NHL ice, then I start paying attention.

So I was dragged kicking and screaming (okay - with a resigned sigh) into following the draft this year by my blogging partner on Raw Charge, John. I didn't bother with the TV broadcast, tho. I have a Twitter account that I've never used, so I followed the draft via Twitter. (Personally, I sort of think that Facebook covers the whole Twitter thing - but maybe that's just me.)

That was an interesting experience. The only NHL team that I followed was Tampa Bay, but I was also following a bunch of bloggers and journalists that were there. I was seeing picks named before teams even went up to the stage to announce them. Rumors of trades were flying around, too. I knew about the Pronger trade a full hour before it was officially announced. It was part way thru the second day of the draft that I was beginning to think that I should've followed the rest of the NHL teams.

And it was pretty funny at times. Most of the tweeters were men, and they kept going off on what people were wearing. And making catty comments about other people's clothes, too. That typically happened when there was mostly nothing else of interest going on. It was like a bunch of women had taken over.

It was prolific, too. I'd had it set up where I had messages sent to my cell phone at work. I started talking to someone and 10 minutes later I had 22 messages. Mostly about how the bloggers were better dressed than the reporters - from the bloggers themselves, of course. The reporters had nothing to say about the bloggers, for some reason.

Then there was the commentary about how teams and reporters were conducting themselves. The blow-by-blow of what Brian Burke was up to, who was talking to who, and who was ignoring who. It was all very middle school. I felt like I should've jumped in and made up some stuff.

I still haven't sent out any of my own tweets. I'm sort of leaving that for when I go to games next season. I had a few people want to follow me, tho. So that got me to thinking. How many followers will it take to get me to start tweeting even if nothing's going on?

It's sort of this little scientific experiment I've got going with myself. I do things like that sometimes. Weird, I know, but it keeps me occupied in my spare moments.

I'll probably be back doing the same thing later this week when free agency season opens Wednesday. (It's like: "Duck season!" "Wabbit season!" "Wabbit season!" "Duck season!" Boom! Sorry - sort of an inside joke with my friend Aparna. Those crazy left turns at Albuquerque....) Anywho, this time I'll probably follow the rest of the NHL - mostly just to be nosy. I expect to get little to no work done Tuesday and Wednesday, which is too bad since it's a 4-day work week.

So how this Twitter thing works, if you have no idea. You go and create an account, and then you can search for people to follow what they're doing. That is, you get their constant stream of updates sent however you want them - online only, and/or to your cell phone. Then you can decide if you want your messages to be sent to whoever, or if you want to approve specifically who is allowed to see your messages. Those are your followers. You have 140 character spaces to make your point or updates with. You can also send pictures and website links over Twitter.

I have it set up so that I have to approve whoever wants to follow me. Why? I don't know. It just sounded like a good idea at the time.

So is it considered eavesdropping if you read a live conversation but don't participate in it?

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