May 25, 2009

Hockey + Cheeleaders = Why?

Amanda Kosior rebuts David's Cheerleader Column

You know, I don't get this, either. I never have. And while I was never ever a cheerleader, I was friends with them in high school, and my best friend in high school was a part of the dance team. I even let her talk me into trying out one year, and was three people away from making the squad out of the 80 or so girls that tried out. So it's not like I have something against them.

One, there's no place for cheerleaders in any hockey arena. In football, you've got the sidelines. In basketball, there are the ends of the courts. In hockey? No place for 'em.

And two, they're an unnecessary distraction. Well, admittedly, they're an unnecessary distraction in any sport. It doesn't help that I've been traumatized by watching one too many little girls fall from their high perches. I'm always waiting for the next one to take a face plant.

Really - why does anyone need to be distracted from the game? Any game. I mean, you're there to watch the sport. Girls in little tiny outfits distract you from why you paid $75 for an okay seat to watch a hockey game in the first place.

And while I know that I'm echoing the woman in this article almost point for point, women who watch hockey are far prettier (okay - hotter) than female fans of other sports. Why bother with the cheerleaders when there are plenty of women to ogle in the stands? I'll admit that half the reason I tart myself up when I go to games is because I never know who I might end up sitting next to.

Seriously, if men get to have cheerleaders, then I think the women ought to get something out of it, too. Wait a second and let me think about this.... Nah, never mind. The hockey game is all we need to be happy.

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