May 27, 2009

Florida steroid bust and the NHL

Report: Steroid dealing boasts of sales to Washington Capitals

Hard to say that this guy is telling the truth about selling to guys who play for the Caps, but I find it interesting that he didn't point fingers closer to home - the Tampa Bay Lightning. Now, I'm not saying that anyone off of the Lightning use steroids at all. Frankly, after the season that they've had, I'm inclined to say that probably no one is.

But why point out the Caps, of all teams? Let's say that this guy is telling the truth, that he did sell steroids to some guys off of the Caps. I'd just like to be upfront and say that I don't think Ovechkin would be one of them, if that's the case. Mostly I think that because he wants to play for Russia in the Olympics, and that's a banned substance. Not too many guys are stupid enough to jepardize their chances of making it to the Olympics. And while Ovechkin might be a lot of things, stupid isn't usually one of those.

The overlooked aspect of steroids is that they help players recover from injuries faster. Everyone focuses on the muscle development aspect of them, and being bulky just slows you down in hockey. So, naturally, a lot of people automatically dismiss steroid use in the NHL because of that.

I don't think that there are a lot of guys using, to be honest, but I think that there are probably a few. Actually, I think the bigger problem is probably either addiction to pain killers and/or amphetamine use. But that's just pure speculation on my part.


Reaction to the Steroids Report in Washington

It's pretty much everyone saying what you'd expect. No surprises here.

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