May 28, 2009

Bad PR move or just really desperate?

"For Sale: Used Trophy Case. Must Sell!"

John, my blogging partner on Raw Charge, wasn't sure if he should write about this, but James Mirtle and myself told him that he should. So he did. And it's been pretty popular, actually.

This is pretty sad, really. I mean, the Tampa Bay Lightning selling furniture on eBay? Not a great PR move, if you ask me. It gives them the impression of teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, at a time when NHL teams aren't all that financially stable.

Now, whether they are or not is almost beside the point. A number of things that this ownership/management group has done recently just reinforces this impression for the general public. And as with most things in life, it's the perception that really matters, not the actuality.

People are running with this story, and not necessarily hockey fans, which makes the general public believe that the team isn't doing very well at all. John sent me some links, and I've found a few on my own. James Mirtle's From the Rink, Puck Daddy, DRays Bay (SB Nation Tampa Rays blog), and Sticks of Fire so far have posted something on this.

My favorite quote so far is from Sticks of Fire (which is a Tampa area blog):
"Still, it’s tough to see your NHL team so desperate for cash. What’s
next? Odd Jobs by Vinnie? Marty with a “will (try really sorta hard
to) score goals for food” signs? Are we gonna bump into Oren [Koules]
down at Amscot?"

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