May 11, 2009

Another thought about Phoenix....

Coyote Watch: Why a Balsillie win could be bad for pro sports

"Keep the 'Yotes in Phoenix. The last thing that US hockey fans need is less generation of hockey fans in a large market with a real estate problem that can only be described as a speed bump. If Balsille wants a team to move to Southern Ontario, he should take the Islanders.

"Look at the kids from the desert trickling into the the next generation, that could be about 20% of the WHL from the southwest. It isn't Canada's worst nightmare to have teams in the southern US. Canada's real worst nightmare to have USA beat Canada in the Olympics on a consistent basis. Canada's real worst nightmare is to have the NHL have more American's than Canadians."
...And the rebuttle comment by habs1rule:
"What some Canadians are kind of upset about is this...Canadians fund all the junior hockey programs, sell out their arenas which increases the revenues for All teams, Yet because of higher taxes in Canada, ..When players become free agents, they want to play for American cities and teams, helping those teams win more Stanley Cups... Its like owning a chicken farm, coming home, and finding you cant even get a couple of friggin Wings" on your dinner plate..."
You know, sometimes the comments are better than the posts themselves.

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