May 12, 2009

Another team, another bankruptcy?

Hockey's bonfire of the bankruptcies

"It's been a bad year for bankruptcies and the NHL. William (Boots) Del Biaggio faces jail time after having been found guilty of fraud for the way he helped finance his minority purchase of the Nashville Predators.

"Meanwhile, the Atlanta Thrashers owners are fighting with each other, Tampa is looking for new investors and the New York Islanders are hinting at leaving unless they get a new arena.

" "There could be other (bankrupt) teams down the road," said Zimbalist. "There are a lot of teams – as it were – skating on thin ice." "

Poor Dallas. To have to suffer what Phoenix is going thru just sucks. Bankruptcy isn't fun for anyone, I wouldn't think, and I feel bad for everyone in both cities.

You suffer one little economic downturn, and see what happens?

Gee, this doesn't just scream that the NHL - and by extension the owners - has been poorly managed for a long time now, does it? I mean, seriously, teams are dropping right and left. Or could be dropping left and right. Just depends on how things go.

MLB, the NFL, and the NBA all seem to be doing fine so far. So you've got to wonder what the story is. Money, obviously, but what are they doing differently that the NHL isn't? Three guesses, and the first two don't count. It's called "marketing."

Well, I don't think that Canada will be able to save all of these teams. It doesn't mean they won't try, but all that's keeping a few of those Canadian teams afloat is a favorable exchange rate with the US. If that goes, then some of them won't last, either.

Can you say "contraction," NHL? ["Contraction...."] I knew you could.

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