April 13, 2009

NHL Playoffs: Washington vs. NY Rangers

I was looking over the matchups for playoffs last night, and I kinda want to go see a Washington Capitals game. Not because of the Caps, but because they're playing the New York Rangers. I've been meaning to go see the Rangers play all season, and now's my chance. Washington will almost certainly win the series, but hopefully the Rangers can drag it out a bit.

Or, I could try to catch a practice. I wonder where the Rangers will be practicing around here. The Caps practice in Arlington, and that would seem to be the logical place the Rangers would be. I haven't seen the Caps practice - and for good reason. While I like players off the team, I don't like the team. Do I really want to take some time off from work to go to practice, tho? Hmmm.

I've wanted to see the Rangers because Naslund's playing there. He's really the biggest reason I'd like to go. And now that Tortorella's coaching there, too, well, that's sort of an added bonus. I also like Lundqvist, Drury, Gomez, and Redden. Not much of an Avery fan, but whatever.

Going by myself, tickets probably wouldn't be much of a problem to find. Heck, if I were going with another person, I could probably still find tickets. Anyone want to go with me to a hockey game this weekend?

I don't typically follow teams when playoffs hit - unless the team I follow is in them, of course. But I've never actually been to a playoff game before. It'd be really cool to be able to catch a game in Madison Square Garden, since I've never been, but I don't think I can make the trek up to NYC for a game. I probably shouldn't even be considering a game here in DC, really. But it's a nice thought, anyways.

I'm sort of hoping that another SB Nation NHL team blog will adopt me for the playoffs. (I write for the Tampa Bay blog, Raw Charge.)I'm not picking a team, I want them to pick me. Not sure what the rules are about it, or even if there are rules, but I thought I'd let everyone know that I'd write for them if they wanted me to - mostly because I feel a bit left out. So we'll see if there are any takers. I wonder who my new team will be if they let me do that.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the US women won the gold at World Championships. So the US won gold, Canada got silver, and Finland the bronze. That's the way it should be - US gold, Canada silver. Too bad the US men have got problems - problems I could fix, but who listens to me?

I still want San Jose to win it all, tho. I just want to be clear about that. But that's because I'm being spiteful.

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