April 9, 2009

More on hockey & marriage

I cower at her love of the puck

In my experience, most men prefer having a woman who likes sports. It's only been in the rare instance that I've encountered a man who finds it a turn off. And usually, he's an older man, probably unhappily married or recently divorced, and is rather insecure about himself in general. It's the secure and/or younger guys who love it. I'd say the cutoff is around 40 years old, generally.


  1. Interestingly, I work with a man - married, late 30's, gorgeous, good job, loves to play semi-pro paintball - who said that if he weren't married he would be after me EXCEPT that I am too "sporty". Meaning I know too much about hockey and like it too much. Strange, eh?!

  2. I guess he wants to feel superior about something? Or maybe just wants something that he can do on his own? Or he just likes frou frou girly-girls? Who knows?!

    Like I've said, it's usually some kind of insecurity. Most of the men that I've met have loved that I know as much about sports as they do. In fact, I've had rec league hockey players love the fact that I used to play hockey myself.

    Men are weird.