April 8, 2009

Marriage & Hockey

Hockey is good for the marriage

Hmmm. This is about goalies married to goalies. Where's the fun in that?

When I used to play, I'd do the occasional drop-in game and be the only woman on the ice. Of course, I wasn't a goaltender but a defenseman. Most of the time, the guys treated me as they would any other guy - which was cool. I preferred that, actually, and it doesn't hurt that I'm as tall as many men so they could better forget the gender difference.

But I remember this one time some 6'4" guy accidentally ran me over when my head was down and left me sprawled out on the ice. They all stopped and gathered around me to make sure I was okay. (There was a no-hitting rule since it was drop-in.) I was fine. In fact, I was lying on the ice laughing at them, saying I deserved that since my head was down. Although, they might've stopped since they knew I was playing with a broken elbow, too. (I had pins it it and was a couple of months out from surgery - tho a month or so away from the next - so it was alright.) But it was all good, tho they treated me like glass for the rest of the session.

I did get dressed in my own dressing room, in case you were wondering. Anyone who practices and plays at public rinks, and uses the general public facilities, know how these things go with co-ed hockey. The men are very respectful of the women, and vice versa And dressing rooms are typically separated by gender instead of by team (if there's a space crunch at the rink, anyways) at the beginning and end of games.

It really makes me want to play again, tho, I have to admit

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