April 24, 2009

Is Montréal imploding under the pressure?

Canadiens' season far from a lost cause

Why would anyone want to play here? I realize that when they're winning, there's probably no better team to play for in the world. But when they're losing, I'm sure there's no place worse to play in the world. Sure, high expectations like that can motivate players, but it ups the level of stress causing them to burnout faster, too. Not everyone can deal with that kind of scene, especially for a long period of time.
"Obviously, Gainey is going to revisit the Vincent Lecavalier situation
before the Cup winner’s no-trade kicks in July 1. For those who think his
outburst napalmed any chance of such a deal, well, there’s reason to believe he
can still pull it off, if he wants to.

"First, the Lightning are so desperate to unload that contract and
there aren’t a ton of trading partners (although the Kings may be very
interested and have the prospects/cap room to do it). Second, Gainey was upset
that his deal to get Marian Hossa at last season’s deadline fell apart – and it
didn’t stop him from trading for Mathieu Schneider this year.

Okay, you might want to take that "so desperate to unload that contract" phrase with a grain of salt. This is a member of the Canadian hockey press talking here. They typically only have a sketchy idea of what goes on south of the border at best. While I agree that the Lightning would like to unload that contract, I'm not so convinced that it's at that do-or-die stage yet.

The interesting bit of that quote is the mention of the LA Kings. My blogging partner on Raw Charge, John, and I were chatting online a couple of weeks ago, and I was outlining what a team would need to have in order to make a serious bid for Lecavalier. John was looking at the salary cap numbers, and he suggested that LA might be able to accommodate that contract of Vinny's. After I took at look at what he was talking about, and took a look at the roster, I had to agree. Outside of Montréal, LA might be the most likely trading partner for the Lightning, if the Kings are interested.

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